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Router Setup 1 Here you see you have a chance to setup a new IP range. The defaults are almost always or or and every internet hacker knows this. Leaving theses settings in default will open you to the hacker world, change them. (This is like getting a new briefcase and not setting the combination lock.)

I won't recommend anything here, as I want people to find their own numbers, so they are not the same. Since the IP and Subnet is related you need a special calculator to do this correctly. (Don't skip this and leave the default settings, it will bite you in the end.)


More security -  (Right) You will see that most good routers today have a firewall. If you did the step above correctly,  you will keep about 80% of the hackers out of your system. This will keep another 15% out. Here you need to know something about the computer's software.  Hint: Add a personal firewall on your workstation available at, ZoneAlarm is a very good one.
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Router setup 3