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The only thing I can say about harddrives (or hard drives) is that they fail 100% if the time, When they let you down is just you luck, but there seems to be some predisposition to  crapping out when you need them most!

Have a backup bad drive, an "image" (saved on another drive) or a "clone" might save you bacon when  you need it most.

Seagate is the best of the group of drives. But everyone has the favorites. I might take this chance to mention Western Digital has been the most often replaced in my opinion.

Bad drive symptoms include on or all of the following;

  • A "clunk, clunk" sound
  • The drive access light stays on, without flickering
  • BIOS won't detect drive some viruses can emulate this condition and it take a low format to completely fix this condition.
  • Dead drive with no reaction
I should mention how fragile hard drive really are, just the slightest bump when they are on, reading and writing can send on to the scrap heap! Do not "hot plug" a hard drive. reserve that for USB connections only. Never connect when the system is plugged in or connected to a battery.

To fix or replace a broken hard drive you need to first deiced that it is the drive and not the operating system, motherboard, or bad ram, causing the problem.

To do this you need another computer to;

  • Install the suspected bad drive in another system Windows users use "Safe" -F8- mode if it starts to work. If it does boot your hard drive is not the problem, look at a defective controller on the motherboard or cable.