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Linux/Unix is the operating system of the most powerful systems on Earth.

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Network Design & Security

Planning a network is a luxury. Most networks I have been asked to "fix" have grown like weeds, or a vines completely out-of-control till it resembles a jungle. So any complete redesign and deployment that can be planned is a welcome change, for the forced to fix while in use the is the normal condition thrust on a poor network administrator.

  1. What are the goals.. File sharing, Internet, Print Sharing, Collaborations or what else?
  2. Restrictions: Who, what, when, where, and who should not access what?
  3. How many? Users, Servers, Domains and workgroups.
  4. What Software: Databases,
  5. Access Required. Remote access external, VPN(s). file shares,





We have worked for the "who is who" of the world today, so you security and privacy is assured.  References available on request.Click here to call Mindach for help

TechNet, W3C, and NSA standards are supported.


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