Don Mindach - Technology Cconsultants in Indianapolis Indiana.

Network design, SEO , Intellectual Property help, and Network Training.

Offering Real Solutions that have proven to work the first time!

TechNet, W3C, and NISA standards are supported.

We have worked for the "who is who" of the world today, so you security and privacy is assured.  References available on request


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We offer real Technology advice of REAL value, reliable, sustainable, and works. We can help with your most difficult technology problems, even when others before us have failed, We have save our client's real money!


Established 1992, first to support the aircraft industry, over the years we've evolved to offer a variety of professional IT services to our many clients. Web advice, SEO, Network Security, Hardware advice when it counts and has to last, call on us.

Please don't judge us by this site, as it is mainly for our own use.

Our consulting services for Windows, Linux, Apple/Mac:

  • Hardware setup recommendations and prices below "wholesale" to our clients from Dell and others.

  • Desktop, Laptop, Servers (Cloud or Physical), Networks, and LAN/WAN/WIFI Security and backup systems.

  • Point to Point office setup, VPN, WAN, and LAN network setup and integration.

  • Adware, virus, spyware removal and prevention (business clients)

  • Database and/or Fileserver server installs, repair and recovery. Extensive experience in medical and dental database setup and installs, recovery, and maintenance.

  • Web server setup for SEO (internet server) installs, and security.

  • Software / Hardware installations, and diagnosing compatibility problems even across multi-platform networks.

  • We Offer wireless security setup, and WIFI advanced and standard "good practice" advice.

  • Website / Domain SEO design advice and promotion instruction.

  • "How to" assistance and training on many popular software packages.

  • Debug assistance on upgrades across multi-platform installations.

  • Domain Registration, Web Hosting, FTP, Web server space (web hosting). POP and SMTP email setup.

  • T1 LAN/WAN setup installs (we can recommend carriers in most parts of the country).

  • System equipment order recommendations. we can usually save you money on new system purchases on Servers, Workstations, and Laptops with our relationship with Dell computers. (multi-system purchases).+

Tired of Windows being continuously broken? 

Ready fo something much better...

Linux Mint!

Unix & Linux powers the most powerful computers on Earth!




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