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 F8 after post to "Safe mode"  Around for years is very easy and I use it every day to repair systems. I believe this (Link below) to be a scam to install their backdoors and spyware. But I will try it on a junk system when available. This is a download of a ISO file.


Thanks youtube for video. In The example to the left you see how easy it is to write a virus. In the example they show how to make a joke virus. It could have bee a REAL virus. It is just that easy. It can also be use to write a "Bat" file to make life simple for you.
Laser Flashlight Hack! - Click here for more amazing videos
Be Very Careful with this one.
  This windows password hack seem too easy and indeed it is. The latest service release fixes this hole that has bee exploited for year by hackers.

Test you website for problems; Web check    Router Setup

"PICNIC" error - Problem in Chair, Not in Computer.

More coming, When I have the time.... DMM 4-2008