Spyware Defense from Microsoft

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This is new from Microsoft, their own Anti-Spyware package.

Anti-spyware from Microsoft

Windows AntiSpyware (Beta)


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I assume by now you know what "spyware and adware is, so I won't explain it here let me just say you don't want it any more than a case of the flu! So to help remove some of the problems Microsoft has released a package

Microsoft (in my opinion) has caused some of the problems we are living with now by...

  • Leaving *.tmp files on the machines by default.

  • Having their browser "Internet Explorer" keep cached files

  • Leaving each user's cached files all over the systems.

  • Not cleaning up unused registry entries, when a package is uninstalled.

  • Allowing user to run in administrator mode by default when setting up the OS.

I can sum up the problems with Microsoft's windows by saying "they just don't clean up after themselves by default, without some outside help.

I can only guess their reasons, but they all come back to the same thing. If the Anti trust thing had not happened to Microsoft in the 90's, we might have seen them a player in the "spyware" game.

This package being a "beta" means it will expire. Will Microsoft charge again for something they did wrong in the beginning? I hope not.