Web Server Lockdown Tools.

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Below is a fake ident package this defeats some types of hacks.

Used to foil hackers attempting server break in.



IIs lockdown tools from Microsoft.

IIS Lockdown Tool

secure an IIS 4.0 or 5.0 web server

Our Rating: 4 stars (Very Good)

Microsoft has released a new security tool that makes it simple to secure an IIS 4.0 or 5.0 web server. The tool, known as the IIS Lockdown Tool, allows web servers to quickly and easily be put into the right configuration in which the server provides all of the services the administrator wants to provide, and no others. Customers can use this tool to instantly protect their systems against security threats that target web servers. The tool offers two operating modes. The default is Express Lockdown which, with a single mouse click, configures the server in a highly secure way that is appropriate for most basic web servers. For administrators who want to pick and choose the technologies that will be enabled on the server, the tool offers an Advanced Lockdown mode. A comprehensive help system provides information and recommendations for selecting the best configuration, and an undo facility allows the most recent lockdown to be reversed.

Download IIS Lockdown Tool