Linux Mint June 2020 - 19.3 Install the easy way.

Set your BIOS to boot to USB.
  • Booting from a stick can be a bit tricky as Microsoft does not want you to install anything but their products. Here is their info and it is correct but not clear as they do not what you to use anything but Microsoft products.
  • But with some fumbling I have always found the right combinations.
  • 1) In your BIOS  - UEFI set it to off and enable Legacy mode (trial and error. 2) Select the USB as the primary boot device. In some cases you have to set the USB to emulate a hard drive. Models vary a great deal in this so it takes a bit of experimenting (trial and error) for the right boot settings.
Once you get you machine to boot:
  • Get a CAT 5 or 6 wire and connect directly to your router.
  • When Linux Mint starts test it completely to be sure your hardware like the Linux operating system
  • The Mint installer is on the desktop so it is easy! I will have more tips soon!
Main Pg   Good Luck - D. Mindach - June 2020 Install Linux Mint in 2020 9 to 5 EST