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I would recommend submitting your home page to the major search engines individually, at least initially. However, there are several services that do groups of them for you - and is a big time saver for the rest of your site. The following is one of my favorites: FreeWebSubmission.com. I have always deselected Google, though, since I submit to them manually through the Google website. I submit my web pages to the following search engines manually (without a special tool) just to ensure that it is done.




You will need a Yahoo account to submit to the Yahoo search engine. And don't fret if you don't see immediate results. Your site should normally exist in MSN within about 6 weeks, in Yahoo in 8-12 weeks, and in Google within about 3 months. (You will not likely get much search results from Google for the first year though - but hold out and keep working on the other tricks. In the long run, Google will normally give you about 60 - 70% of the search engine traff´c if you follow these methods.)
Site Ranking Explained
Your ranking in our search results is based on several factors, which includes Content Relevancy and your Site Traffic Data provided by Alexa Internet, with the emphasis on Content Relevancy.

Content Relevancy is determined by the words in your Title, Meta Description, Meta Keywords tags and your web page content. We compare the keywords we find on your page to those in your Meta Keyword tag, the better they match the higher your ranking in ExactSeek. If your site content is unrelated to the list of keywords in your Meta Keyword tag or if you do not have a Meta Keyword tag your site will rank poorly.

Additionally, the Title and Meta Description tags are used as your Title and Description in our Search Results. If your site lacks these tags, or if they are improperly formatted, then your site may not be listed.

 Title Tag - Your site Title Tag should be descriptive and meaningful. ExactSeek will only display the first 80 characters of your Title so that part of your Title should identify your site and indicate what your site is about.

  Meta Description Tag - The Meta Description Tag should be used to provide more information about your site content, products and/or services. ExactSeek uses only the first 199 characters of your Description, so keep your description text concise and relevant.

  Meta Keyword Tag - This Tag should include a list of all the keywords that relate to your site content. Keywords are not displayed, but ExactSeek uses the first 12 keywords in the Keyword Meta Tag to compare against the content of your page for ranking purposes. The better your Keywords match the important keywords we find on your page the better your rank.

Note: Keywords and keyword phrases are not case sensitive so a search for 'Clip Art' is the same as 'clip art'. However, pluralized words such as 'webmaster' and 'webmasters' are treated as different keywords.

  Alexa Traffic Ranking - In cases where sites have more or less equal content relevancy for specific keyword searches, Alexa Traffic Ranking data determines which sites receive higher ranking. The sites that have a higher Alexa Traffic Ranking will generally be ranked higher than similar sites that have poor or no Alexa Traffic Ranking. The Alexa rank for all sites is updated on a monthly basis.

Note:Pages on Community sites and ISP sites whose overall traffic ranking data is not reflective of individual member pages are excluded from this ranking factor.
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Improving Your Ranking
To improve your site ranking ans search results, almost any traffic building strategy will work to improve your site's ExactSeek ranking, including:

Link Exchanges
Any type of advertising
PPC campaigns, and
Search engine optimization techniques.

This is true because an increase in people traffic to your website will boost your site's Alexa ranking which will help your ranking in ExactSeek.

However, it is even more important that your web page be relevant to the keywords or keyword phrases you would like your site to be found under. You should select terms related to your site content and that others would use when searching the Web.

This list of keywords and phrases should be incorporated into your Title and Description tags and the text on your web page. You should also put these keywords in your Meta Keywords tag, remember to start the tag with your most important keywords and end it with the least important.

The key point to remember here is that the content of the Title and Description tags should be readable and understandable. Stuffing your title and description tags with a list of keywords is not a good idea. You may succeed in temporarily obtaining a higher ranking, but many searchers avoid visting sites that have no meaningful title or description. We will not list sites that have a single word as their Title.

NOTE: Keyword spamming - excessive repetition of the same keywords or keyword phrases in your site title and meta description tags - will result in your site's removal from ExactSeek.com, and may also damage your ranking in many other search engines that use Meta tags, including Google, AOL, Yahoo, AlltheWeb, and AltaVista.

After you have modified your Title and Meta Tags, use the Improve Your Ranking form or your Member page to request a site recrawl so that the changes made to your tags can be reflected in ExactSeek's search results.

Your site will be recrawled within one week (7 days). Your new site rank will be based on the information extracted from your modified Meta Tags. If you have done your job well, your site will be rewarded with a higher ranking. If not, repeat the process described above (maximum of one recrawl per week) and take greater care in the changes you make to your page title and meta tags.

Since Alexa traffic data plays a significant role in determining site ranking, we strongly recommend that you download the Alexa Toolbar to track your site's weekly and monthly popularity status.